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COVID-19 Services & Treatments

COVID-19 Services & Treatments

As scientists continue to learn more about SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, they also discover multiple ways of treating mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms. Along with vaccines, these treatments may help you avoid serious illness and recover faster. Although the virus will change over time, you can count on finding the latest COVID-19 services and treatments at OU Health.

Latest Guidance on Staying Safe from COVID-19

The current CDC guidelines continue to depend on your risk of becoming severely ill and on the level of transmission in your community. Community levels reflect cases in a community as well as hospitalization rates and hospital capacity.
  • When the community level is high, the CDC recommends everyone wear high-quality masks indoors.
  • If you are at a high-risk people should also wear quality masks when the community level is medium. Read more on understanding your risk.
  • Symptomatic or infected persons should isolate promptly, and infected persons should remain in isolation for no fewer than 5 days and wear a well-fitting and high-quality mask or respirator if they must be around others. Infected persons may end isolation after 5 days, only when they are without a fever for at least 24 hours without the use of medication and all other symptoms have improved, and they should continue to wear a mask or respirator around others at home and in public through day 10. Read more from the CDC.
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, test and isolate immediately.
  • If you were exposed, read more on the steps that you should take, regardless of your vaccination status or if you have had a previous infection.
  • Get vaccinated, or stay up-to-date on your boosters, if eligible.
Get COVID-19 Services

Count on finding the latest COVID-19 services and treatments at OU Health.

Get Tested Get a Vaccine

COVID-19 Testing

Across the state of Oklahoma, you can take advantage of the many COVID-19 testing sites close to home. Check the website links below to find the best testing site for you and your loved ones.

Reasons to Get Tested

Testing helps you stay safe and avoid spreading COVID-19. Get tested if you:

  • Have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Have been exposed or think you’ve been exposed to COVID-19
  • Spend time with groups of people in a workplace, at school or in any congregate/large-group setting
  • Need to travel
  • Have been asked or referred to get tested by a healthcare provider or a local or state health department

Learn more about COVID-19 testing and types of tests as well as when to test.

COVID-19 Vaccines & Vaccinations

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy by learning about COVID-19 vaccines and the vaccine development process, as well as facts surrounding vaccine safety and effectiveness.

Through OU Health Physicians, you can get COVID-19 vaccines in select locations. Check OU Health Vaccine Locations to schedule an appointment. Or visit one of the public vaccine sign-up websites, including:

Find out more about scheduling a vaccine at OU Health.

    COVID-19 Treatments

    If you test positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, or if you experience mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms, you may qualify for certain medical treatments that may help you deal with this illness. Early treatment is key. Do not wait until your symptoms become severe. Talk to your doctor as soon as you have symptoms to see if you qualify for these therapies.

    Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

    Monoclonal antibodies are injectable medications that bind directly to the virus that causes COVID-19 to provide passive immunity. This reduces the chance of progressing to severe COVID-19 disease in certain eligible patients when given within 7 days of symptoms.

    OU health has Bebetelovimab available for infusion for outpatients with COVID-19 who are at high risk of progression and who are not candidates for other therapies.

    EVUSHELD is another monoclonal antibody which still works against Omicron. This therapy is given to individuals who are at high risk of severe COVID-19 due to immunosuppression and prior to exposure to COVID-19 to help prevent the individual from ever catching the virus. It can be given every 6 months.

    Antiviral Medicines

    Two oral antiviral medications recently issued emergency use authorization (EUA) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can help treat COVID-19.

    Your doctor may prescribe one of these medications within the first 5 days of symptoms if you have mild or moderate COVID with the potential to become seriously ill, especially anyone age 65 and older or anyone with chronic illness.

    If you live with certain health conditions and/or take medications that suppress your immune system and have not responded well to COVID-19 vaccines or boosters, ask your OU Health physician if you may qualify for other potential COVID-19 medications, such as Remdesivir, an injectable antiviral that is given at an infusion clinic over the course of 3 days.

    Antiviral Prescriptions

    Oklahoma Children's Hospital Pharmacy can dispense these new antivirals to eligible patients. Prescriptions can be sent electronically. Call (405) 271-2156 or faxed to (405) 271-2158.

    View Pharmacy Info Call (405-271-2156

    If you are a healthcare professional, visit here