Pediatric Injury Prevention Program

Pediatric Injury Prevention Program

Give your child the comfort of a safe environment where they live, learn and play. At Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health, you’ll find the support, information and resources you need to help you and your family create a safe environment and learn effective injury prevention methods.

Pediatric Injury Prevention Programs & Services

Get access to the latest information about child safety at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. Your pediatric injury prevention team actively participates in Safe Kids OKC Metro, a part of Safe Kids Worldwide, a coalition that implements evidence-based programs such as car-seat checks and tutorials, infant safety classes and sports clinics that help parents and caregivers take action to reduce the chance of unintentional injury. That means you get the most up-to-date safety information and guidance you need to keep your child safe.

You’ll find education and resources about various pediatric injury topics, such as:

Life-Saving Child Safety Information

At OU Health — the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the state — you’ll find top-level pediatric trauma care and comprehensive injury prevention programs to keep your loved ones safe. This specialized trauma care capability gives you access to trauma-informed programs that focus on preventing the most common unintended childhood injuries. Take advantage of these unique educational injury prevention programs and resources available to you such as:

In addition, as part of a comprehensive academic health system, you and your loved ones have access to pediatric specialties including:

Additional Child Safety Resources

Your Child Safety Team

As a vital member of your child’s safety team, you’ll work alongside medical professionals trained in pediatric trauma care and prevention. Your team may include registered nurses, physicians and certified health education specialists.

Your child safety team will teach you how you can take steps to prevent unintended childhood injuries and give you the resources you need to ensure a safe environment for your child and family.

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Take action to create a safe environment for your child and prevent unintended injuries. Contact the Pediatric Prevention Program at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital.

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