Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Whether you’re preparing for delivery with a high-risk pregnancy or you find out that your newborn needs to stay in the hospital for special care following birth, you want top-quality neonatal experts and services in a supportive, family-friendly atmosphere.

Oklahoma’s Highest-Level Newborn Care

If your new little one arrives early or unexpectedly, needs a medical procedure at birth or requires any kind of special care following birth, you can rely on the highest level of neonatal care in Oklahoma and the surrounding area, found only at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health in Oklahoma City.

NICU Regional Referral Center

No matter where you live in the state or region, you and your baby can get the expert care you need from the OU Health NICU, a regional referral center for babies in our area who need exceptional care for serious conditions unable to be helped at other facilities. If you can’t stay in your own home while caring for your newborn, you’ll find a welcoming and compassionate healing experience for you and your family at the OU Health NICU.

Innovative Neonatal Services

Take advantage of hundreds of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital’s neonatal-perinatal services and specialists who work with you, your family and your doctors to address baby’s specific situation, including accurate diagnosis for complex medical problems.

Advanced NICU Technology for Newborns

You benefit from 24/7 in-house neonatology coverage, dedicated obstetrical anesthesia services and NICU rooms with NICVIEW cameras for families unable to stay in the hospital. You also benefit from access to the latest in advanced technology for neonatal care such as special ventilation (conventional, oscillator), extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and inhaled nitric oxide therapy, as well as our participation in ongoing research to develop innovative techniques for the care of newborns.

Newborn Nutrition Center

As a new mom, you’ll appreciate our newborn nutrition center designed with an innovative milk preparation area that supports you in providing your own milk for feeding while baby stays in the NICU.

Family-Friendly Environment

At Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health, you and your family will stay in one of our warm and pleasant family-friendly NICU rooms, designed and constructed to support developmentally appropriate care for your baby. In addition to natural light from a large seventh-floor bedside window for a picture-perfect view overlooking Oklahoma City, you and your family can enjoy beautiful room décor, furnishings and a comfortable recliner chair intended to help you perform the skin-to-skin and ‘kangaroo’ care that promotes bonding with your baby.

“Rooming In” for New Parents & Baby

Before you leave the hospital, you want to acquire the skills that help you feel confident about caring for baby when your family returns home. Through our NICU, you may choose to stay in one of the special care-by-parent private rooms at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital where you and your family can “room in” with your new little one and learn and practice new baby care techniques.

Download Our Baby Care Book

To help you continue the special care your newborn needs as you happily watch baby grow after you return home, keep your copy of 'The Baby Care Book' from the OU Health NICU close at hand.

The Baby Care Book Libro de cuidados del bebé (Español)

The Baby Care Book is where you’ll find answers to your questions about caring for your newborn – everything from the need to wash your hands frequently to avoid infections, baby bathing and skin care methods, diapering, feeding and vaccinations to the use of extra oxygen equipment, sleep safety, car seat safety and managing your own level of stress.

Family-Centered Transition Care and Support Services

Ask your NICU team about multiple services available through the Oklahoma Infant Transition Program (OITP), a comprehensive service promoting family-centered care and empowering you and your family to make a successful transition from the NICU at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital to your own home and community.

OITP social workers advocate for families at the local, state and national levels while they also connect you and your family with support services close to home, help manage medically fragile infants after discharge from the hospital, assess developmental and behavioral needs of NICU infants and arrange discussions with families and NICU staff.

Your NICU Care Team

Your Oklahoma Children’s Hospital’s NICU team brings years of experience and advanced training to caring for Oklahoma’s premature and seriously ill full-term infants, including your new little one.

You’ll work with an extensive team of experts, including board-certified and fellowship-trained neonatologists, perinatologists, neonatal anesthesiologists, pediatric and neonatal surgeons, pediatricians, attending physicians and resident physicians, as well as neonatal nurse practitioners.

You also gain access to dedicated and compassionate NICU-specific health professionals such as NICU dietitians, NICU pharmacists, NICU therapists, respiratory therapists, Child Life specialists and social workers. Everyone on your team focuses on helping achieve the best possible outcome for your newborn’s specific situation.

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