Audiology for Children

From the whispering of the wind or secrets between best buddies to the blare of a siren, the chirp of a bird, the screech of car tires, the richness of a symphony or the twanging guitar riffs played by a favorite rock band, the world resonates with sound – and you want your child to hear it all.

Comprehensive Care for Pediatric Hearing Loss

When you feel your child misses certain sounds or you notice difficulties with their communication or responses to family and friends or teachers, your child may benefit from a hearing checkup and comprehensive assessment from the expert pediatric audiologists and otolaryngologists at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City.

You and your child will work with your primary care doctor and OU Health’s team of hearing specialists to accurately diagnose the situation and help you and your child determine the best treatment options.

Expert Services to Support Your Child’s Ability to Hear

At Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, you benefit from advanced children’s ear, nose and throat services and audiology professionals, as well as the latest hearing aid technology, including digital devices with directional microphones to help screen out background noise for a clear and comfortable listening experience.

Hearing Aids & Hearing Accessories

Whether treatment options involve traditional analog hearing aids or fully digital hearing systems, you’ll find compassionate guidance from experienced OU Health pediatric audiologists who help you choose the best hearing solutions for your child.

Through audiology services at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, you gain access to a wide range of children’s hearing aids and accessories, as well as advanced diagnostics for proper fit and troubleshooting, expert repair and ongoing maintenance of the devices you select. Most common maintenance and repair services occur while you wait, so your child will quickly hear the life of the world again.

More OU Health hearing aid services and hearing accessories include:

  • Assistive listening devices
  • Batteries
  • Custom hearing protection
  • Extended warranty programs
  • Water protection
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