Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Care for Children

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Services for Children

You know the challenge of parenting – all the decisions you need to make about your child’s bumps, lumps, middle-of-the-night noises, infections, pains and accidents. And you want to make sure your child can hear, breathe and smell, as well as speak, swallow and taste, so they can enjoy the world around them and live life to the fullest.

Comprehensive Children’s Ear, Nose & Throat Care

Get round-the-clock help to keep your child as healthy as possible when you call on OU Health Pediatric Otolaryngology at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health in Oklahoma City. You’ll find expert care for your child’s ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions, including sensory-related problems that can affect the ability to hear, breathe, swallow, sleep well and communicate clearly.

At OU Health, you’ll work with a team of board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians who hold extensive expertise in specific areas of ear, nose and throat care in children. You’ll help develop a thorough evaluation of your child’s condition as you and your child’s care team create a personalized treatment plan to address your child’s particular needs.

Specialized Care for Common & Complex Pediatric ENT Conditions

When you choose pediatric otolaryngology at OU Health for your child’s care, you gain access to advanced technology and services for a wide range of common ENT concerns, including chronic ear infections, sinusitis, nasal allergies, tonsillitis and more.

Most importantly, you can take advantage of specialized care for diagnosing and treating complex pediatric ENT syndromes, anomalies, malformations and conditions such as:

  • Breathing difficulties or airway narrowing

  • Congenital or acquired masses of the face, neck, nose, mouth, throat, voice box, airway

  • Facial malformations

  • Facial nerve disorders

  • Head and neck cancers

  • Vascular (blood, lymph, vessel-related) anomalies and malformations

Ear Disorders in Children

Find exceptional care at OU Health for all ear and hearing disorders in children, including:

  • Cholesteatoma – Skin cyst in middle ear

  • Chronic ear disease

  • Congenital hearing loss

  • Ear drainage

  • Ear drum perforations or rupture

  • Ear infection

  • Hearing loss – Mild to severe

  • Mastoiditis – Infection in the bone behind the ear

  • Swimmer’s ear – Swelling or inflammation of outer ear canal from excess moisture

  • Tinnitus – Ringing in the ears

  • Vertigo – Problems with balance related to the inner ear

Nasal Disorders and Throat-Related Problems in Children

Rely on the pediatric ENT specialists at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health to treat your child’s nasal and throat-related problems such as:

Expert Children’s ENT Treatments & Services

Whether your child needs anything from routine ear tubes to more advanced procedures such as reconstructive surgery or gene therapy, you’ll find exceptional services from OU Health pediatric ENT and hearing specialists.

After a thorough assessment and evaluation of your child’s condition, your pediatric ENT and hearing specialist team works together to determine the specific approach and best treatment options for your child, which may include:

Your Child’s ENT Care Team

When you choose OU Health to care for your child’s ear, nose or throat-related conditions, you can take advantage of our multidisciplinary network of specialists who collaborate with you and your child’s doctor to provide expert care designed to address your child’s specific situation.

Your child’s ENT care team may include board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatric otolaryngologists, pediatric vascular and cancer surgeons, pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeons, certified physician assistants and audiologists, sleep medicine specialists, speech-language therapists, hearing aid technology specialists and more.

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