Training Simulation Kits

The Dementia 24/7 kit and the Aging Simulation Sensitivity Training (AsiST) kit each provide hands-on experiences that simulate age-related impairment. Through transformative, evidence-based learning strategies – many of which were developed by the Oklahoma Geriatric Education Center, a pioneer in sensitivity training – participants form small groups to complete hands-on exercises that simulate how people handle everyday tasks while living with a significant health challenge. Discussions and brainstorming with peers help group members absorb learning that leads to positive problem-solving, greater compassion and greater effectiveness while working in senior care settings.

For more information and to order the Dementia 24/7 kit or the Aging Simulation Sensitivity Training (ASiST) kit ($425 each; includes shipping), contact:

Omolara Henley
Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative
Reynolds Section of Geriatric Medicine
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
(405) 271-8558 Ext. 40404

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