Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network

Welcome to the Resources Page for the National Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network.

This page is dedicated to supporting the National Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network (NNHCAN) and the specific nursing homes participating with us.
Materials for each of the 16-week sessions are located below.

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Session 1 Resources

Stopping the spread of COVID-19 and infection prevention tools. Describes Quality Assurance Performance Improvement QAPI and how it supports the work of infection prevention.

Session 2 Resources

Making the environment safe during COVID-19 with the types of PPE and the situations where they are used.

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Session 3 Resources

Approaches to Cohorting (Resident Location) in nursing homes during COVID-19. Screening policies and procedures for interacting with residents and staff.

Session 4 Resources

Solutions for making the nursing home environment as save as possible. Limiting the spread, promoting a safe environment, align prevention with QAPI plans.

Session 5 Resources

Cleaning and disinfecting policies and procedures, choice of cleaning products, and employee education examples.
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Session 6 Resources

Testing considerations for COVID-19. What to do with a positive test and outbreak testing.

Session 7 Resources

Community transmission and nursing home screening strategies.

Session 8 Resources

Staff returning safely to work during COVID-19. Guides to supporting staff well-being.

Session 9 Resources

Managing an outbreak of COVID-19 in nursing homes. How to conduct a Root Cause Analysis of the problem.

Session 10 Resources

Making Advanced Care Planning in nursing homes during COVID-19. How to improving performance and quality with the Plan/DO/Study/Act model.

Session 11 Resources

How to improve safe care transitions during COVID-19. How to create a reliable process using deliberate strategies.

Session 12 Resources

Creating a safe environment for visitation during COVID-19. How to create a “hug tunnel”, a way to bring safe hugs to socially/physically isolated older adults. Visitation guidance for your state.

FAQ’s on Nursing Home Visitation

Finding visitation guidance & regulations for your state

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Session 13 Resources

Guidance for holiday celebrations and gatherings.

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Session 14 Resources

Strategies for managing social isolation of residents, care partners, and staff during COVID-19.

Session 15 Resources

Supporting emotional wellbeing and staff resilience. Ways to identify stress levels and plans to manage.

Session 16 Resources

Effective leadership and communication during COVID-19.

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