Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

If you or a loved one contract an infectious disease — infants, seniors and immunocompromised people are especially vulnerable — you should seek medical care immediately. Your initial care is often through your primary care provider who will, if necessary, consult with the infectious diseases program at OU Health in Oklahoma City as part of your comprehensive care for infectious diseases and related conditions.

Comprehensive Care for Infectious Diseases

Whether your infection requires treatment in a hospital setting or at a clinic, you benefit
from our team approach to care — a collaboration among physicians from many
specialties who provide accurate diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. Your
multidisciplinary team works together with you to improve your overall health, while treating
your infectious disease and related conditions.

At OU Health, you’ll gain access to expert physicians who use advanced technology and
the latest research to treat a wide range of viral, bacterial, parasitical and multiple-cause
infectious diseases. When you work with the infectious disease experts, you’ll get an
added layer of support for your primary care team to give you comprehensive care.

How to Prevent an Infectious Disease:

  • Handwashing

  • Food safety

  • Immunizations

  • Safer sex guidelines

  • Pet care

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

If you or a loved one is affected by HIV/AIDS, you’ll find exceptional and compassionate
care through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program at OU Health. You’ll benefit from
comprehensive wraparound services including medical care, prophlylaxis
(PreP), nutritional guidance and behavioral health. In addition, experienced social workers
are available to help you find supplemental services or care based on your individual
needs. Rely on OU Health for primary care, prevention, education or community services
to help you live well with this chronic condition.

Your Infectious Diseases Treatment Team

When you trust OU Health for testing and treating a possible infectious disease, you gain
access to the largest number of board certified infectious disease providers with the most
years of experience and the only infectious disease fellowship in the state. This means you
get expert, experienced care for your condition. Your infectious disease specialists serve
you along with nurses, physician assistants, case managers, behavioral health providers, pharmacists and dietitians.

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