Nicholson Tower

  • Category: Adult Services
  • Location Type: Oklahoma City

About This Location

Clinics and Resources in Nicholson Tower include:

  • Dermatology (Suite 1C)
  • Internal Medicine (Suite 1G)
  • Senior Health (Suite 1G)
  • Medicine Specialty — Rheumatology, Gastroenterology and Nephrology (Suite 1G)
  • Lab (Suite 1B)
  • Imaging/Radiology (Suite 1B)
  • OU Health Pharmacy (Suite 1A)
Additional Information 1. Turn onto NE 13th St. Look for Nicholson Tower
2. Self-Park across the street from Nicholson Tower in Lot 13W OR
complimentary valet/drop-off is available at the main entrance of Nicholson
Tower. This option allows direct access to the building without having to cross the street.
3. Enter Nicholson Tower
4. Follow signs to your clinic