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Leslie Staubus, DO

  • Accepting New Patients
  • Member of OU Health Physicians
  • Primary Specialty: Pediatrics
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Gender: Female

About Leslie Staubus

Leslie S Staubus, DO is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, OU-TU SCHOOL OF COMMUNITY MEDICINE, TULSA, OK. She received her Doctor of Osteopathy from Oklahoma State University and did her Medicine/Pediatrics Residency at the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa. Dr. Staubus is board certified in General Pediatrics.
Affiliations OU Health Physicians Wayman Tisdale Clinic, OU Health Physicians Building - Oklahoma City
Health Education
  • Medical School
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Tulsa, OK
  • Residency
  • Medicine/Pediatrics University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine
    Tulsa, OK
  • Board Certification
  • American Board of Pediatrics 2017
Star Ratings
4.5 out of 5
( 217 Ratings
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  • Dec 8, 2020
    I would like to say Miss little Miss Leslie she cares about her patient. She's a good physician. Thank you.
  • Dec 7, 2020
    I appreciate Miss Dr. Leslie. She always takes her time and listen to everything that I have to say before she start providing feedback or her input on what's going on. She's very excellent.
  • Nov 24, 2020
    He is the best in the world. I'd went to my other doctor and I had to go back because I understand her. I love her, she gets to a point, she's clear. Make sure you understand. Other absolutely she's the best. Thank you.
  • Nov 18, 2020
    She was very nice to me, and explaining things to me.
  • Nov 18, 2020
    She is the awesome an excellent doctor. I truly do love this woman. She really seems to care and be concerned about my health. And that is all you can really want for doctors for them to really care. I hate the video chatting because it doesn't work very well. I don't mind just talking to her on the phone. I already know what she looks like she's a good doctor. Give her all the money you can give her.
  • Oct 29, 2020
    Yes, my name is ---, and Dr. Staubus is wonderful doctor. I trust him with my care and I will let everyone know that
  • Oct 21, 2020
    I liked her very much and she is very nice. I like her very much as my health care provider. She is very helpful and smart.
  • Oct 6, 2020
    Delivery service. This is the best route I had since I had them another the last doctor's I had I had come across think 3 years and they didn't do nothing as much as opposed to be done for me and 3 months has been 3 months now and she's done in the most than 3 years. So I appreciate it. God bless. I have a nice. Thank you so much. Bye.
  • Sep 23, 2020
    He is good doctor, very thorough, and listens to what you have to say.
  • Aug 24, 2020
    Yes, I have enjoyed going to Dr. Staubus. And she is very dedicated, precise, easy individual to talk to and to be a patient of. I would recommend her highly to anyone. Thank you. Bye. Any key, how about 9?.
  • Jul 30, 2020
    Dr. Staubus is so knowledgeable and so caring and and she takes the time to listen and to answer and if she's not sure she'll look it up and if I ask a question about something at the clinic, like like for instance accepting Medicare, she will email her her nurse if she doesn't know right off and she'll get them, get the information for me while I'm in in session with her. She always sends out for my, or tells me when my labs are do and makes sure that the request gets out for me to be able to do them and s
  • Jul 27, 2020
    Yes, Staubus been an excellent doctor for me. I listen to her and she listen to me and I appreciate her very much and thank God that she is my doctor.
  • Jul 21, 2020
    I think that she was very attentive. She was very concerned about my well being and I would love to deal with her again.
  • Jul 2, 2020
    Yes, I just want everyone to know who's concerning that I have a excellent provider. Thank you so much.
  • Jul 1, 2020
    She's a great doctor. She takes very good care of me.
  • Jun 22, 2020
    Leslie Staubus is an absolutely wonderful doctor. She listens thoroughly, she researches, she does what she needs to to get the care we need. Thank you.
  • May 28, 2020
    There was some confusion with scheduling, but she called me personally to figure out what the problem was. We're working on figuring things out.
  • Jan 15, 2020
    Dr. Staubus is a very good Dr and very thorough. She explained everything to us that we asked her. We have been seeing her for several years now and only see her. (hope she's never out sick)Lol. I would recommend her to anyone hands down.
  • Jan 9, 2020
    I love doctor. She been taking care of my healthy for four years.
  • Dec 23, 2019
    Dr Staubus has gone beyond and above with a recent problem I've had with my health. She has been very good and understanding. I feel confident in her care.
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