OU Health Announces Physician Leadership Roles

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OU Health Announces Physician Leadership Roles

OU Health has announced new physician leadership roles as part of the organizational restructure that began in January 2023. Physician leadership positions within the offices of the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Physician Executive will work across the academic health system to drive performance improvement.

The Office of the Chief Medical Officer, led by Carolyn Kloek, M.D., serves as a resource for the entire organization to improve clinical performance. The CMO team works alongside the Chief Physician Executive team, led by Ian Dunn, M.D., which sets the standards of the physician practice.

Announcing the New Associate Chief Medical Officers and Associate Chief Physician Executives

OU Health will now have three Associate Chief Medical Officers (aCMOs) and three Associate Chief Physician Executives (aCPEs):

Associate Chief Medical Officer, Children’s Services – Stephanie DeLeon, M.D.

Associate Chief Medical Officer, Perioperative Services/OR – Heath Higgins, M.D.

Associate Chief Medical Officer, Adult Services – Joanne Skaggs, M.D.

Associate Chief Physician Executive, Physician Practice – Cameron Mantor, M.D.

Associate Chief Physician Executive, Care Delivery Model – Rachel Franklin, M.D., FAAFP

Associate Chief Physician Executive, Ambulatory Operations – Catherine Mims, M.D.

“The aCMOs will lead clinical and quality initiatives that support consistent clinical performance and practice standards across the health system and will focus on assigned areas of the organization around quality, patient outcomes, service, experience, safety and efficiencies,” said Kloek. “Drs. Deleon, Higgins and Skaggs all have a proven track record of success, consensus building and leadership that will work to build upon and improve our clinical outcomes.”

The aCMOs will review performance with organizational leadership and facilitate the analysis of quality performance and prioritization improvement opportunities, lead the implementation of best practices and standard processes in their areas to improve efficiencies and drive performance in clinical outcomes.

Each aCPE will have a role dependent on their focus area, acting as physician leaders in those areas as well as overseeing physician standards, development and performance, and improvement of efficiencies and access and models of care delivery.

“Drs. Mantor, Franklin and Mims are incredibly respected physician leaders and I know they will do a tremendous job of setting standards and promoting the strategy of our ambulatory clinics,” said Dunn.