Giving Powers More “Ordinary Moments” for Kids like Mighty Miller

Giving Powers More “Ordinary Moments” for Kids like Mighty Miller

Sometimes the greatest desire of our patients is simply to experience the beauty of ordinary moments. And no one knows that better than one of our personal heroes, Mighty Miller.

Mighty Miller Hines is a feisty, big-hearted 10-year-old who loves Legos, World War 2 history, and being best friends with his little brother. But in fall 2019, he just wasn’t feeling well. After a pediatric visit to assess his swollen lymph nodes, Miller’s mom, Miranda, describes a domino effect of devastating news that encircled the family as they learned Miller had an aggressive form of leukemia (AML) and needed immediate care at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital.

“The doctors told me a normal white blood count was between 5,000-10,000, and Miller’s was over 200,000. We packed a bag and spent the next 30 days at Children’s. It was the most terrifying time in my life,” said Miranda.

It was a harrowing journey filled with surgery, chemo, long hospital stays, and a life-saving bone marrow transplant. And after two grueling years, Miller is in remission today, and back at home in Deer Creek enjoying soccer and simple joys.

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When Miranda thinks about her son’s future, she says, “I’m just grateful for the ordinary, day-to-day moments we all take for granted. Like him riding the bus to school, doing homework, or how excited he gets about making Taco Tuesday with me. Those ordinary moments are incredibly precious and make us incredibly grateful each day. This is what families need.”

Help us create more ordinary moments for families like Mighty Miller’s. Consider a gift of:

  • $25 – Buys a set of clean clothes for a family who arrived at the hospital in an emergency
  • $50 – Provides a full tank of gas for a family driving several hours for each treatment
  • $100 – Helps a child get home safely in a car seat
  • $500 – Supports hotel lodging for pediatric families

Help us gift more ordinary moments to these pint-sized patients and their families by making a gift benefitting our patients and their families.

Your philanthropy honors our belief that every child is uniquely special and worthy of living a healthy, vibrant life. Thank you for your investment in them and for believing in the power of kindness and generosity. You can learn more about Miller’s story below.

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