United for Good: Public Service Campaign Encourages Vaccines to End Pandemic

United for Good:  Public Service Campaign Encourages Vaccines to End Pandemic

The Oklahoma Alliance for Healthy Families (OAHF) announced “United for Good – Vax For Good,” a public service campaign launched to encourage Oklahomans to help end the pandemic by receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

The campaign is being funded thanks to an unprecedented partnership between OAHF, the Chickasaw Nation, the OKC-County Health Department, the Oklahoma State Medical Association, and all four Oklahoma City hospitals, including Integris, Mercy, OU Health and SSM Health St. Anthony.

Additional support is being provided by the Oklahoma Dental Association and Passport Health.

“Our message is clear: vaccines save lives,” said Jacqueline McDaniel, OAHF executive director. “They are the safest, fastest way to fully open our homes and our businesses. We are united for good, and we’re asking our fellow Oklahomans to be vaccinated for good, too.”

The United for Good – Vax for Good campaign will feature broadcast and cable ads run throughout the Oklahoma City media market, with digital ads set to blanket the state starting this week. The ads will be available in English and Spanish-language versions. The campaign may extend to other media markets based on budget.

The Oklahoma Alliance for Healthy Families is a 501c3 founded in 2019 to provide education and advocacy for vaccinations.

“The pandemic has shown us what a world without vaccines looks like,” McDaniel said. “For almost a year, life slowed to a crawl as doctors and scientists raced to find vaccinations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Vaccines are here. Hope is here. Scientists and doctors have done their part, and it’s time to do ours. The medical community is united around vaccines, and we hope our fellow Oklahomans will step up, and receive a vaccination as soon as they are able.”

What our partners are saying
“Federal and state officials along with health systems have been working incredibly hard to get the vaccine in the arms of as many Oklahomans as possible – as quickly as possible. The progress we have made is remarkable. This is what we have been hoping for, waiting for, praying for. - Julie Watson, M.D., INTEGRIS Health Chief Medical Officer

“The past year has been filled with unimaginable change, sacrifice and, at times, sorrow for too many Oklahomans. For those of us in health care, however, these difficulties have been compounded by the challenge of fighting a new virus that is indiscriminate and deadlier than many of the diseases we’ve seen. Fortunately, science is leading the way to a brighter future through the coronavirus vaccine. This vaccine literally saves lives while allowing us to return to the things we’ve missed so much this past year, such as family gatherings, social events and church. It helps teachers return to classrooms and kids return to traditional school days. And can keep your loved ones safe from the spread of coronavirus. It truly is a Vax for Good. - George Monks, M.D., Oklahoma State Medical Association President

“We know that the vaccines that have received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA are really quite safe. Over 90 million Americans have already been vaccinated, with very few serious side effects. Considering if we had a million cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma, the risk of ending up in the hospital or dying are between 1,000 and 10,000 times greater from the infection than from the vaccine. We can be very confident that getting an approved vaccine is safe and effective and yields a benefit that greatly outweighs the risk.” - Douglas Drevets, M.D., OU Health Chief of Infectious Diseases

“What do flossing, fluoride and vaccines have in common? Preventing disease. Your dentist cares for your mouth because your oral health is essential to your overall health. As doctors of oral health, credible scientific information is important to us when recommending treatments to our patients. And vaccines are scientifically proven to prevent illness and save lives.” - Dr. Paul Mullasseril, Oklahoma Dental Association President