OU Health Launches New Philanthropic Website

OU Health Launches New Philanthropic Website

Welcome to OU Health's Philanthropic Front Door. We're glad you're here!

We are excited to launch our new philanthropic website for OU Health's adult and pediatric care, serving as a celebration of the giving spirit and humanity uplifted through philanthropy, volunteerism and advocacy. Welcome to a space where giving literally saves lives.

Visit Our Philanthropy Website

Here, you'll hear incredible stories of hope, like these from Thomas and Ramey.

Our Why

Launching a website isn't earth-shattering news, but saving lives and giving to another human being to make their life better certainly is. That's what we're celebrating in this digital space. We invite you to join us.

We celebrate humanity and giving here. We connect passionate Do Gooders with the projects and people who are doing the life-saving work on the frontlines of OU Health. We chase the impact of those investments. We uplift the stories of lives changed. We're creating a table where all are welcome. If you're about those things too, you've found like-minded friends who are all working toward good.

Learn our story. Get involved. Celebrate the collective good we're galvanizing to the benefit of our Oklahoma patients, families, care teams and volunteers. We are united in our goal of Patient's First, and our work is a celebration of that unifying spirit.

Your giving matters here, and we're honored to show you the impact of that giving - no matter the amount.

Thank you for being an important part of our family. We all thrive move vibrantly in community, and we're excited to show you what it means to be a part of ours.

To learn more about philanthropy efforts at OU Health,

Visit Our Philanthropy Website