Research Study about Smoking or Vaping

Research Study about Smoking or Vaping

Dr. Lurdes Queimado, a researcher at the TSET Health Promotion Research Center (HPRC), is looking for individuals age 21 to 35 who smoke or use electronic cigarettes (EC), to participate in a study. Participants eligible to take part in the study will be compensated for their time.

Two hundred people are being selected for this research study. Each individual would need to plan for two visits to HPRC Tobacco Regulatory Science lab, located on the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center campus. Visits will be scheduled approximately two weeks apart, with each taking no more than 2 ½ hours. Urine samples and exhaled breath will be taken for the screening process during both visits.

Participants must be willing to provide informed consent and abstain from using all tobacco, EC and nicotine for at least eight hours prior to their visits. Individuals considering this study should not have used marijuana or illicit drugs during the past three months.

ECs are the most used tobacco product among youth. Additionally, they are used by more than 30 percent of adult tobacco smokers. This study aims to understand the health risks associated with the use of ECs and whether its use by smokers reduces harm.

“The knowledge gained by this study will be used to guide evidence-based public health policies,” said Queimado, the grant’s principal investigator. Queimado expects to have strong evidence of the oncogenic effects of EC and their potential synergistic effects in dual users.

Interested individuals may take a short survey to see if they qualify. The survey can be found at Potential participants may also call (405) 271-8001 ext. 47917 or email to learn more.

The TSET HPRC and its researchers are committed to addressing the health and social consequences that effect Oklahomans, ensuring all residents achieve positive health and social outcomes.