Swedish Woman Travels To Oklahoma For Cancer Treatment

A 49-year-old cancer survivor came all of the way from Sweden for brain surgery at OU Health.

Neurosurgery Chief Ian Dunn removed two large tumors from Ana Maria Marino’s skull at a hospital in Boston eight years ago. Marino says she came all of the way to Oklahoma for another brain surgery last month, because Dr. Dunn moved here from Boston. She says she appreciates Oklahoma, because she says people are so nice here.

“I was shocked in the beginning okay? Hmmm, it seemed to be a nice city. But of course, it’s very different from Boston, or the Northern U.S.,” said Marino.

Dr. Dunn says he has high hopes for Marino’s continued recovery. 

“We have a great team here at OU. We do as advanced surgeries as anywhere else in the country,” he said.

Ironically, Marino has had a distinguished career overseas as a cancer researcher.

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