Stephenson Cancer Center Initiative Offers Protection from Sun

Sunscreen stations provided by Stephenson Cancer Center at OU Health will be a familiar sight during the fall University of Oklahoma football season, which opens Sunday, Sept.1.

Dedicated Sooner fans fill the stadium on game day, often during times when the sun’s rays are most intense. Experts at Stephenson Cancer Center caution that this level of exposure can cause significant and irreversible skin damage. Fans are encouraged to use sunscreen liberally and often. Dispensers will be located near concession areas and restrooms. Public placement of the sunscreen stations is made possible by a donation from Miles Against Melanoma Oklahoma.

This is the second season the Stephenson Cancer Center has made sunscreen available at Sooner home games. Sunscreen pumps have also been placed in Oklahoma City municipal parks, golf courses and the Oklahoma City Zoo. The goal is to make it easy and convenient to use sunscreen.

“There are additional steps fans should take, including wearing hats and sunglasses, but the reality is, in the heat of the day and the excitement of the game, these measures aren’t the focus,” said Robert Mannel, M.D., Stephenson Cancer Center director. “People forget to pack the sunscreen, particularly as temperatures become cooler, but UV rays continue to do their damage.”