Imaging & Radiology for Children

Children’s Imaging & Radiology

To deliver the most accurate diagnosis possible for a health concern or condition, your child’s doctors may need to perform special tests, scans, exams or procedures using advanced imaging technology and radiology services to help them view internal organs and body structures.

Advanced Children's Imaging & Radiology Close to Home

When your child needs an imaging study or procedure, you and your doctor want to feel confident you’re choosing the right test at the right time at the right place. That means you want to work with pediatric radiology professionals in Oklahoma Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City, where you gain access to a wide range of imaging services for newborns, infants, children, teenagers, young adults and pregnant women.

Experienced Pediatric Imaging Specialists

You and your child benefit from collaborating with Oklahoma Children's Hospital’s highly skilled team of imaging and radiology specialists who perform more than 100,000 imaging studies every year and hold extensive experience in helping and caring for children.

Because children’s smaller, rapidly growing bodies respond more sensitively to radiation from an X-ray or CT scan, your pediatric imaging professionals adjust the dose to match your child’s size and age, which minimizes radiation exposure while producing the high-resolution images needed for accurate diagnosis.

Child-Friendly Surroundings & Support

At Oklahoma Children's Hospital, your child’s radiology specialists recognize the challenge of performing imaging procedures for youngsters. Children, especially the very young, have a hard time holding still for an X-ray or may be frightened by the size or noise of an MRI or CT scanner.

In addition to the child-friendly equipment and atmosphere, you’ll appreciate our dedicated Child Life specialists who know how to use age-appropriate distraction techniques that help reduce your child’s anxiety and make the process as enjoyable as possible. You’ll find everything designed for improving your child’s imaging experience.

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Children’s Imaging & Radiology Procedures

Through pediatric radiology at Oklahoma Children's Hospital, you and your child’s doctors can take advantage of a variety of right-sized imaging and radiology tests or procedures such as:

You can feel confident in the test results because Oklahoma Children's Hospital’s board-certified pediatric radiologists use their special training and experience to interpret images for children.

Safety, Sedation & Anesthesia for Your Child

All children’s imaging procedures at Oklahoma Children's Hospital follow Image Gently® national guidelines and use special equipment and techniques to ensure child-size radiation doses for X-ray tests, CT scans and nuclear medicine studies.

To help your child stay calm or still for imaging studies, our dedicated Child Life specialists use special non-invasive techniques involving music, images and lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. If your child needs sedation or anesthesia, you can trust our multidisciplinary team of anesthesiologists, pediatric intensivists and nurses experienced and trained in pediatric care to support your child throughout the imaging process.

Your Expert Children’s Imaging & Radiology Team

Your child’s health and safety take top priority for Oklahoma Children's Hospital’s specialized pediatric imaging team. In addition to pediatric radiologists, your child’s care team may include a diverse group of experienced healthcare professionals such as:

  • Radiology technologists

  • Neuroradiologists

  • Interventional radiologists

  • Nuclear medicine physicians

  • Pediatric cardiologists

  • Nurses

  • Child Life specialists

  • Speech pathologists