Hemophilia Home Infusion & Factor at Home

Living with hemophilia means preparing to promptly use lifegiving clotting factor medications, whether for continuous care or in an emergency. Through the Factor at Home program from Oklahoma’s only comprehensive hemophilia treatment center, you get reliable access to the medications and supplies you need.

Treat Hemophilia with Factor Replacement Therapy at Home

At-home factor replacement therapy makes ongoing hemophilia treatment convenient and safe. Factor at Home, a program available only at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health in Oklahoma City, assures that you or your child receive hemophilia home infusion services to put your mind at ease. Whether used as needed to control an episode or on a regular basis to help you keep living the life you enjoy, clotting factor treatment helps control and prevent excessive bleeding in most types of hemophilia.

Home Infusion Services with Factor at Home

At Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health, you and your OU Health physician decide on the optimal care plan for your specific situation, including how often to give yourself or your child factor replacement therapy. With home infusion through OU Health’s Factor at Home program, you benefit from:

  • 24-hour phone access and attentive customer service
  • Home delivery of all brands of clotting factor and related supplies
  • Coordination of services with experienced nurses
  • Educational programs to keep you or your child well informed
  • Reimbursement coordination
  • Waste disposal program
  • Savings through OU Health participation in the federal 340B Good Stewardship Principles Program for pharmacy and other health services

Benefits of Home Infusion

Early intervention through at-home care can decrease the number of infusions needed to treat bleeding episodes, which significantly reduces the total consumption of costly clotting factor. In addition to helping you avoid hospital visits, lengthy treatments or complications, home infusion speeds the treatment process, decreases pain, dysfunction and long-term disability, and gets you back to the life you love.

Although you’ll want to review your particular situation with your health insurance carrier, such reductions may extend eligibility for services available to you or your child because reaching your lifetime coverage cap takes longer.

Support for At-Home Hemophilia Treatment

Part of a network supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and designated as a hemophilia treatment center since 1978, Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health helps prevent and reduce complications from hemophilia through programs such as Factor at Home and conducts clinical research to advance hemophilia treatment. According to the CDC, people living with hemophilia who receive treatment at hemophilia treatment centers experience 40 percent fewer hospitalizations.

The Factor at Home program at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health also supports the overall work of our program. All proceeds of home infusion factor replacement supplies ordered through Factor at Home assist our work at the only comprehensive facility serving people of all ages in Oklahoma and across the region.

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