Disordered Eating Program

As you or a loved one in your family face the challenges of growth and development throughout the early teen and young adult ages 10-24, disordered eating may become an issue that needs attention from a professional adolescent medicine specialist.

Adolescent Disordered Eating Treatment Close to Home

Ask your doctor for a referral to work with the adolescent medicine physicians and experts at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City to help you address the medical and psychological needs of young people who face the challenge of disordered eating.

No matter where you live in Oklahoma or the surrounding region, you can take advantage of the patient-centered, family-supported approach to care in the Adolescent Medicine Disordered Eating Program at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital that addresses concerns related to:

Coordinated Outpatient Care for Your Recovery

You benefit from coordinated outpatient care, where you’ll find medical, psychotherapy and dietitian services in one location that provides consistency and strong communication toward recovery. If needed, your treatment also may involve inpatient services to support your overall health.

Your Adolescent Medicine Care Team

When you choose the adolescent medicine specialists at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital OU Health, you’ll work with a diverse team of highly trained physicians, therapists, dietitians and other healthcare specialists who use evidence-based approaches to create your individualized treatment plan and deliver the compassionate care and effective services that help you address your concerns.

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