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Volunteen Program

Volunteen Program

If you are a teen 14-18 years old, enrolled in high school, and interested in a career in healthcare, the experience of volunteering at a hospital is invaluable for achievement, relationships, and belonging. As a high school student, the opportunity to interact with patients and healthcare staff is a rewarding way to learn firsthand how a large medical center operates, and give back to community through volunteerism.

Application Timelines

The University of Oklahoma Medical Center Volunteen Program accepts applications:

Fall Session 2023 Application Opens August 1, 2023

Spring Session 2024 Application Opens October 1, 2023

Summer Sessions 2023 Application Opens February 13, 2023

Must be between 14-18 years old and enrolled in high school

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      School Year Volunteens

      Fall/Spring Sessions

      During the school year, you must commit to: Minimum: 2-3 hour shift 1x every 2 weeks

      • Limited Enrollment – 5 Teens Fall Session/5 Teens Spring Session
      • 2023 Fall Session: September 11-December 14, 2023
      • 2024 Spring Session: January 15-May 2, 2024
      • To participate in the school year student volunteen program, you must be 14-18 years and currently enrolled in high school. You must dedicate a minimum of 2-3 hours at least every 2 weeks. The time commitment varies, depending on availability. Volunteer opportunity is only Monday through Thursday 4-7 p.m.

      What to Expect

      As a student volunteer, your duties may include:

      • Delivering flowers, mail, and amenities
      • Running errands for administrative staff
      • Popcorn and cookies for staff, patients, and guests.
      • Activity Cart or Coffee Cart Rounding

      How to Apply

      • Submit your application
      • Background check and drug test (no cost)
      • Attend an orientation
      • Receive initial and annual health evaluations (no cost)
      • Get annual flu vaccine (Additional vaccinations may be required, no cost), COVID-19 vaccination is required.
      • Wear the volunteer uniform –volunteer polo, black pants/legging/athletic pants, close-toed shoes, mask as hospital – not included for participants]

      Health Sciences Summer Camp Volunteens

      Only 15 students per session accepted after the interview acceptance process. To enable greater numbers to experience the health science summer learning, students may not enroll for both sessions. Due to scheduled labs and daily volunteen duties, teens must attend Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. throughout the 3-week session, unless extenuating circumstances validated by parent or guardian.

      Application Timelines

      The University of Oklahoma Medical Center Volunteen Health Science Summer Camp Program will begin accepting applications with letter of recommendation February 13, 2023.

      Deadline is March 31, 2023.

      2023 Sessions: June 5-22 and July 10-27

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      • Achievement: Discovering medical career and volunteerism rewards. Learn what is of most interest and developing a care for community and people.
      • Relationships: Forming relationships with students, health care professionals, and caring adult role models.
      • Belong: Connecting with diversity, background, and abilities of other students and adults feeling a sense of belonging.

      What to Expect

      Duties may include either clinical (patient care) or clerical (administrative) volunteer assignments. As a student volunteer, your duties may include:

      • Answering patient phone calls
      • Delivering flowers, mail, gifts and meals
      • Performing data entry and filing
      • Running errands
      • Popcorn and cookies for staff, patients, and guests.
      • Activity Cart or Coffee Cart Rounding


      Session is $80 per student. (Some financial assistance available.) Session fee must be paid upon notice of application/recommendation acceptance approval from volunteer office.


      High school student volunteens must be 14–18 years old and enrolled in high school.

      • Submit your application and letter of recommendation
      • Attend teen volunteer orientation
      • Background and drug screen (Included in cost of camp session)
      • Receive initial and annual health evaluations, TB testing (included in cost of camp session), currently Covid vaccine is required prior to application.
      • Get annual flu vaccine and additional requirements confirmed - Additional vaccinations may be required. (included in cost of camp session)
      • Health Science Summer Camp T-Shirt (included in cost of camp)
      • Wear the volunteer uniform. Camp t-shirt, [black pants/leggings/athletic pants, close-toed shoes/preferably comfortable athletic shoes, and mask if still required by hospital – Not included in cost of camp].

      *Educational sessions are offered during each session for opportunities seeing, hearing and at times experiencing different venues of the medicine field. The educational sessions may include guest speakers, and or field trips to additional services within the OU Health Campus.

      Apply to Volunteer

      Want to apply? Have Questions? Contact the Volunteer Services team
      Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., or email

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