ER vs Urgent Care

Selecting the right healthcare facility can make a big difference not only in the results you achieve but also in the financial outcome of your visit. That’s where the combined services of OU Health ER & Urgent Care can make a big difference for you.

  • Choosing an ER (emergency room) when you’re not experiencing an emergency means you greatly overpay for treatment.
  • Choosing Urgent Care when you need an ER also may add unnecessary cost. But more importantly, you’ll waste valuable time in transferring to a facility than can effectively treat your condition.

Get the Right Care – No Appointment Needed

How do you know which one to choose? To help you solve this problem, OU Health ER & Urgent Care now combines both options under one roof. You don’t need to decide. Just walk in and get the level of care you need.

When you choose OU Health ER & Urgent Care, you get access to fully equipped facilities able to handle the seriousness of any emergency, combined with the readiness to provide valuable urgent care services at lower rates, all matched to your specific situation.

Emergency Room (ER)

  • Treats illnesses and injuries needing immediate attention such as chest pain, abdominal pain, dehydration, shortness of breath, complex fractures and more
  • Often uses specialized care that comes with significant financial cost
  • Required by state law to provide treatment for anyone, regardless of insurance plan or ability to pay; typically means your insurance company considers you in-network; billing based on the amount defined by your insurance plan
  • Needs your written agreement (signature) showing you received information about tests, treatments and costs before you get services

Urgent Care

  • Treats common illnesses and injuries – both sudden (acute) and ongoing (chronic) – that are not life-threatening such as colds, flu, fever, strep throat, sprains, cuts or lacerations and more
  • Provides quick access to thorough evaluation and treatment for a wide range of health conditions during extended hours
  • Bills for services at in-network rates for people with an insurance plan and at out-of-network rates for people without insurance or with insurance plans not covered by one of our insurance agreements

Informed Consent

To ensure you clearly understand everything involved in your care and billing throughout your visit, you’ll stay informed about whether you’re considered an emergency (ER) or urgent care patient. If your condition needs emergency care, we’ll request your written, informed consent (signature) to avoid surprises and ensure you understand all tests and treatments.

Learn more about when to come to OU Health ER & Urgent Care for the right care at the right price.

No Appointment Needed
Walk in any time for OU Health emergency (ER) services 24/7 or urgent care every day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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