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Connect + Cure Gala

Connect + Cure Gala

A major health crisis – right here, right now. One in three Americans will develop diabetes during their lifetime. One in three Oklahomans already lives with prediabetes or diabetes – and every one of them needs your help to end the disease today.

Celebrate Progress Toward a Cure for Diabetes

Scientific knowledge and skill can lead to answers for this crisis, but the resources to turn that work into reality must come from people like you – people who care, act and give to support the search for a cure.

Attend the Connect+Cure Biennial Gala

Every other year, OU Health Harold Hamm Diabetes Center showcases the ongoing work of our diabetes specialists, scientists and researchers with a spectacular event.

At the Connect+Cure Gala, you and your friends and neighbors come together with others from our community and region to create awareness and build consensus that the nation must prioritize finding a cure for diabetes, while also celebrating the achievements that bring us closer every day to our ultimate goal.

Honor the Hamm International Prize Laureate

On this night, you’ll help honor the newest laureate of the Harold Hamm International Prize for Biomedical Research in Diabetes, a scientist whose advances forever change how we treat, understand and prevent diabetes.

See How Your Gift Contributes to Diabetes Research

The Hamm Prize, the largest diabetes research prize in the world, recognizes lasting achievement focused on progress toward a cure. Your generosity helps support important research by Hamm Prize Laureates in a wide range of areas such as:

  • Major longitudinal studies of Type 2 diabetes that led to the international standardization of diabetes diagnostic criteria by the World Health Organization and served as the basis for diabetes prevention programs around the world

  • Development of foundational knowledge about diabetes, how it works, its complications and eventual cure

  • Investigation of insulin signal transduction and mechanisms of altered signaling in diabetes and metabolic disease

  • Exploration of relationships between diabetes and obesity

  • Research into the beginnings and treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus, including the biochemical and molecular disturbances responsible for insulin resistance and its central role in the metabolic-cardiovascular cluster of disorders known as Insulin Resistance Syndrome

  • Studies in molecular biology and physiology of glucagon-like peptides; identification of multiple novel mechanisms of gut hormone action that enabled development of new drug classes for diabetes, obesity and intestinal failure

  • Mentorship for thousands of young diabetes researchers