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OkDCN offers free in-service training to all Oklahoma nursing homes as well as trainings for health careers students at Oklahoma Technology Centers. These trainings can be instrumental in changing perceptions and skills of frontline workers who work with nursing home residents living with dementia.

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Join a Training-for-Trainers Event (T4T). Learn about the OkDCN-OK Tech Center collaboration and gain hands-on experience using free curricula.

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Rethink Dementia Care Training Event:
(Jan. 13th, 2023)

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OkDCN Free Nursing Home Staff Trainings and Webinars

Age-Friendly Nursing Home Project ECHO. ECHO sessions include clinical case presentations by a nursing home team member followed by a 15-minute informational presentation delivered by a content expert from our ECHO Hub Team. We will focus the 4Ms of age-friendly care in nursing homes: What Matters Most, Medications, Mentation and Mobility. View dates and register online here.

OK Technology Centers

  • Partner with OkDCN to gain training curricula that can be included in pre-professional programs.
  • Expanded training with four dementia care modules currently available:
    • Walking With Dementia (improve knowledge of aging & dementia, promote empathy)
    • Advanced Dementia Care (dementia care skills building activities)
    • Bathing Without a Battle (specific skills for nursing home bathing routines)
    • Dementia Care Teams (creating a dementia-friendly and cohesive care team for resident safety and quality of life)
  • Request a Supportive T4T Follow-up Visit. OkDCN staff can mentor Technology Center educators, observe teaching, refresh the training materials, and provide feedback.

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