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Facial Plastic Surgery & Cosmetics

Love your look! Restore and enhance your natural beauty when you choose the highly trained board-certified facial plastic surgeons at OU Health in Oklahoma City for your surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Natural-looking Cosmetic Enhancements

You gain access to a wide range of innovative services that focus on your individual aesthetic goals and keep your total health and well-being a central focus. Whether you want to reverse the signs of aging, create facial balance or enhance features, your cosmetic team recommends procedures to give you a naturally beautiful look.

Facial Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Procedures

At OU Health, you gain access to various cosmetic procedures — both surgical and non-surgical — that enhance your natural beauty and restore your youthful glow. You’ll work with board-certified facial plastic surgeons specializing in cosmetic procedures involving your face, neck, and skin. This extensive knowledge and skill, combined with artistry, give you personalized results tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

You gain access to highly trained doctors with the expert precision you want to perform facial cosmetic surgery procedures, such as:

  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) – Corrects loose skin and fat of the upper or lower eyelids

  • Chin/cheek implants – Provides balance to facial structures for an aesthetic appearance

  • Browlift (open or endoscopic) – Repositions muscles and tissues of the forehead

  • Facelift – Reduces signs of aging on the face and neck

  • Mid facelift – Augments cheekbones and smooths lines of the middle face

  • Neck lift – Removes excess fat or loose skin

  • Otoplasty (ear pinning) – Changes the shape, position or size of ears

  • Revisions – Corrects poor aesthetic results from previous surgery

  • Rhinoplasty – Enhances the contour of the nose

  • Revision rhinoplasty – Revise unfavorable results from prior surgery, even complex cases

  • Scar revision – Improve or reduce the appearance of scars

Cosmetic Non-surgical Procedures

Whether you want a total face makeover to rejuvenate your appearance or a treatment to bring back your skin’s radiance, the non-surgical cosmetic procedures at OU Health can give you the look you want. Your doctor uses their in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy to customize every treatment to benefit your unique needs, and your doctor will personally perform your cosmetic injections and other aesthetic procedures, which include:

  • Botox® and fillers – Provides an alternative to plastic surgery and can be performed on one or multiple areas of the face. Botox can eliminate wrinkles while fillers provide augmentation to volume-depleted areas.

  • Chemical peel – Skin resurfacing procedure that uses a custom solution to bring new life to your skin and gives you a regenerated look once healed. Chemical peels can correct wrinkles, discolored skin or scars.

  • Dermabrasion – Uses a precise instrument to remove damaged outer layers of skin to stimulate collagen repair and provide a youthful glow.

Your Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Team

When you choose OU Health for your cosmetic goals, you’ll work with highly trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons specializing in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and reconstructive techniques of the face, head, and neck. In addition, your facial plastic surgery and cosmetic team will coordinate care, as needed, with other OU Health specialists such as ear, nose and throat (ENT), dermatology or oncology to provide a complete experience and give you the confidence and aesthetic goals you seek.