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Hospital Contract Workers

**IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please have contract workers schedule an appointment to get their badge by calling 405-271-6035. Scheduling an appointment ​ensures we have all of the necessary documents so that your workers will not have to leave and come back to the HR office.

  • Level I workers are those that are working within the hospital and providing services not directly related to patient care, i.e., servicing equipment not used in patient care, making deliveries of supplies, etc.
  • Level II workers are defined as individuals who are working within the hospital that are providing treatment or services that are directly related to patient care, i.e., workers that service equipment used in patient care, etc.

All contract companies must complete and return the following:

  1. Compliance Roster and Attestation Statement Level I or Level II (Completed when workers are hired and/or termed. To be sent quarterly and upon request.)

  2. Company Attestations: Contract Company Attestation (Complete once per year)

  3. Attestation of Satisfactory Background Report (Complete for each worker)

  4. Influenza Tracking from November 1 to March 31 : OU Health requires 100 percent participation in our flu tracking program by November 1 in order for contract workers to remain or come on campus. Participation in the flu tracking program can be done one of two ways:

    1. Contract Worker is vaccinated and the flu spreadsheet is sent by the contract company to HR contact. Flu directions and Spreadsheet
    2. Contract worker declines the influenza vaccination and completes the declination form. The Declination Form should be retained in the student’s record. If the flu vaccination is declined, the student/instructor must wear a mask in patient care, procedural, and admitting/registration areas from November 1st to March 31.

Companies must provide the following:

  1. Certificates of Insurance: Professional Liability $1M/$3M AND Workers’ Compensation

  2. Competency Checklist

  3. Blank JD and Evaluation (Template provided)

Workers complete the following:

Review Materials:

  1. Annual Training and Policy Review Presentation: Level I and Level II

  2. HIPAA/HITECH Training - Level I, Level II or Clinical Non-Patient Care Areas AND Infant Security Training

Complete and Return:

  1. Annual Training and Policy Review Exam: Level I and Level II

  2. HIPAA Security Competency Checklist

  3. Contract Worker Attestations and Agreements - HIPAA/HITECH, Infant Security, and Contract Worker Policy Compliance

  4. Confidentiality and Security Agreement

  5. We Will Excel

  6. Code of Conduct Training- If contract worker will be working greater than 160 hours, he/she must complete the Code of Conduct Training:

If you have new employees that will become contract workers at OU Health, please email for a letter that will assist you with the new employee process and required documentation.

If you have any questions, then please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) information before calling the HR Office.

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