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OU Health Residency Programs

In support of the OU Health mission to educate future doctors for Oklahoma and the nation, hundreds of medical residents and fellows participate each year in more than 75 graduate medical education (GME) programs in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

As a new physician in one of these nationally competitive opportunities, you gain extensive in-depth specialty and subspecialty experience.

OU College of Medicine Residency Programs

For details, contact the specific residency program at OU College of Medicine GME in Oklahoma City.

(405) 271-4351
Keri Davis, Senior Residency Program Coordinator

Clinical Neuropsychology
(405) 271-8001, Ext. 47680
Demaree States, Residency Program Coordinator
Jim Scott, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, Director, Residency in Neuropsychology

Clinical Psychology
(405) 271-5253, Ext. 47680
Demaree States, Program Coordinator
Charlotte Rosko, Ph.D., Director, Residency in Clinical Psychology

(405) 271-4662
Renee Wall, Residency Program Coordinator

Family Medicine
(405) 271-2230
Misty Raper, Program Coordinator
Brian Coleman, M.D., Residency Director

Family Medicine: Sports Medicine
(405) 271-2230
Brian Coleman, M.D., Residency Director

Internal Medicine
Kia Lemons, Program Coordinator
Michele Sarchet, Program Coordinator
Barbara Prather, Program Coordinator

Internal Medicine: Pediatrics (Med-Peds)
(405) 271-5211, Ext. 42263
Kathy D. Graham, Senior Residency Program Coordinator

Neurological Surgery
Candace Kallenberger, Residency Coordinator

(405) 271-4113
Carole J. Clark, Residency Program Coordinator

Nuclear Medicine
(405) 271-5125
Kelsey Molskness, Residency Coordinator

Obstetrics & Gynecology
(405) 271-8470
Laura Scobey, Senior Residency Program Coordinator
Lisa M. Landrum, M.D., PhD, Residency Program Director

Dean McGee Eye Institute

Orthopedic Surgery
(405) 271-5964
Alexandra Watson, C-TAGME, Residency Program Coordinator
(405) 271-4426
Janet Moore, Residency Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Jin, Program Coordinator

(405) 271-2451
Shawn Elwell, Residency Program Coordinator

(405) 271-4417
Ruth McCollough, Pediatric Residency Coordinator

Pediatric Surgery
(405) 271-5922
Susan Cloer, Residency Coordinator
(405) 271-4357
Catherine Hunter, M.D., Program Director

Pharmacy Oncology
Sarah Schmidt, Pharm.D., BCOP

Plastic Surgery
(405) 271-2220
Magali Ochoa, Residency Program Coordinator
Suhair Maqusi, M.D., FACS, Residency Program Director

(405) 271-8001, Ext. 47683
Julie Frost, Residency Program Coordinator

Radiology, Radiological Sciences
(405) 271-8001, Ext. 37893
Gina Laws, Residency Coordinator

Radiation Oncology
(405) 271-5641, Ext. 37833
Kari Postlewait, C-TAGME, Senior Residency Coordinator

Surgery (General)
(405) 271-6308
Laura Blackburn, Residency Program Coordinator
Jason S. Lees, M.D., General Surgery Residency Program Director

(405) 271-6966, Ext. 46110
Beverly Shipman, C-TAGME, Residency Coordinator

OU-TU School of Community Medicine Residency Programs

For details, contact the specific residency program at OU-TU School of Community Medicine GME in Tulsa.

Emergency Medicine
(918) 579-2368
Boyd Burns, D.O.
Professor & the George Kaiser Family Foundation Chair in Emergency Medicine

Family and Community Medicine
(918) 619-4726
Renda Chubb, Program Coordinator

Internal Medicine
(918) 660-3428
Katie Stahle, Resident Recruitment Coordinator
(918) 660-3464 – Schusterman Center
(918) 634-7691 – St. John
Michael Conrad, M.S., PHR, Resident Program Coordinator
(918) 660-3500
Office of Student Services and Admissions

Medicine: Pediatrics
(918) 660-3395
Sheryl Hayes, Residency Program Coordinator

Obstetrics and Gynecology(OB/GYN)
(918) 660-8359
Melissa Wilson, MPA, B.S., Residency Coordinator

Jenna Tow, Senior Resident Program Coordinator
(918) 660-3500
Office of Student Services and Admissions

(918) 660-3518
Rhonda Wallace, Residency Program Coordinator

(918) 634-7542
Juli Mize
General Surgery Residency Program Coordinator

OU Health Fellowship Programs

Explore opportunities for medical fellowship programs at OU Health in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Continuing Medical Education

Learn more about upcoming CME events at OU Health, hosted by the OU College of Medicine.

Explore Residency & Fellowship Programs at OU Health

Gain extensive specialty or subspecialty experience in a residency or fellowship program through OU Health in Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

OU College of Medicine in Oklahoma City
OU-TU School of Community Medicine in Tulsa
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City